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Grow West® Trucking continues to expand and increase logistical capabilities for all of your operational needs. We believe in building and maintaining long-term relationships that allow us to understand your business so we can provide you with the best service.

Diverse Operations

Fresh Fruit, Grains and Specialty Crops
Grow West Trucking specializes in transporting pears, peaches, wine grapes, table grapes, grains and other specialty crops from field to cold storage, field to cannery or first point of processing and cold storage to canneries. Our food grading station in Walnut Grove and expansive distribution center offers additional value to our customers.

Liquid and Dry Fertilizer
Our experienced drivers and dispatch team ensure timely hauling of bulk liquid and dry fertilizer for all pre-season, in-season and post-season applications. With over 245 fleet assets available for peak season, we understand time is money and are prepared to meet your needs quickly.

Industrial Materials
Our modern and compliant fleet of equipment allows us to provide a variety of hauling solutions such as sewage system and municipality waste and byproducts as well as flatbed hauling of oversized materials.

Fresh Produce Service Overview Fertilizer Service Overview

Dependable Service

Experienced Dispatch Center
The Grow West Trucking dispatch team is committed to providing transparent, personal and professional service to our customers. We’re known for our ease of communication and ability to adapt quickly given our familiarity with the geographic locations we serve and deep expertise across industries.

Customized Offerings
With our distribution center located in the heart of Northern California’s agricultural production geography, we have the capacity to manage high volumes of freight and equipment for a broad spectrum of industries, meticulously tracking bins and loads. This allows us to provide our customers with customized solutions at scale.

Modern and Compliant Fleet
We equip our drivers with the right tools and equipment for the job to ensure they can deliver products safely and efficiently. We take pride in our well-maintained equipment and are ready to meet your needs any time of year.

Committed Team

Deep Expertise
Each member of the Grow West Trucking leadership team has an extensive background in a specific industry, which results in combined expertise across the team. Many of our drivers have worked with the company for more than a decade and continue to expand their skills and specialties.

Family-Focused Culture
At Grow West Trucking, we treat our drivers and customers like family. Respect, integrity and fairness are central to the way we operate, and we’re proud of the safe, positive work environment and close relationships that our team members value.

Driven Toward Growth
We are motivated to grow with and for our customers and employees by expanding our capabilities while never sacrificing quality or consistency. Our connection to the larger Grow West organization and operational team allows us to leverage the diverse knowledge and expertise our teams bring to growth opportunities for customers.

Interested in our services? Let’s connect.

We are currently serving 20 counties across Northern California and would love to discuss how we can partner with you to support your business and growth ambitions. Reach out to Joe Carrasco, Trucking Division Manager, at 530-665-4375 or fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.

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